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Verdant Garden - Stephanie Humphrey - horticultural consultant 

Verdant Garden was founded by me, Stephanie Humphrey.   I live in Los Angeles with my husband, two teenagers, two pugs and one ten year old pet hen named Peep.  I have been a gardener my whole life, growing up on a property in Pennsylvania where our family kept farm animals, grew flowers and vegetables and bailed hay.  I've kept plants everywhere I've lived since, including tiny apartments and fire escapes in New York City and Hollywood during my first career as an editorial photographer.


When my husband and I bought our first home in LA, I became obsessed with turning the dirt patch of our property into a garden.  As an east coast native, California gardening was exciting and foreign to me;  visiting botanical gardens and plant nurseries became my new favorite pastime.  I began taking formal classes and earned my Certificate in Horticulture and Gardening from UCLA in 2010, and later completed the arboriculture program there.  I started Plant and Play, a family friendly landscape design business, and worked for 10 years


designing gardens around Los Angeles with a focus on getting children outside and into the garden.   I also had the opportunity to volunteer my design services and oversee installation of  learning gardens at several schools and public spaces, and to teach gardening to children in schools and summer camps.

My true love is for trees and plants (not contractors and construction), so I've narrowed my focus to doing what I really love: horticultural consulting.  I started Verdant Garden to empower my clients to keep their garden in optimal health. Working, walking, even just sitting and breathing in a garden has deeply therapeutic qualities that everyone should be able to enjoy.  For that reason I donate a portion of my profits and time to help with public garden projects and green initiatives around the city.  (Please contact me if you have a community project in need of horticultural help!)

About Stephanie


Site Visit

Property walk through to discuss the health of your garden.  Bring me your list of problems and let’s talk about what can be done to address them. I will take a look at your soil, watering and fertilizing protocol, plant and tree health, and suggest changes or pest management as necessary. If a biotic or abiotic injury of a plant is suspected I'll begin an initial investigation into the cause to be followed up by a report and/or testing to treat the issue.  I am also available to suggest plant material and provide maintenance plans and suggestions to improve the health and look of your garden.

Landscape Report

A report created after your site visit with photographs and details of everything I noticed about your property.  In the case of a plant disease or disorder I'll take information gathered at the site visit and synthesize it into a diagnosis and/or suggest follow up testing.  This report can include treatment plans for pests, soil amending plans, year long fertilizing plans, plant material replacement or addition and anything we discussed during our home visit so that you may easily refer back to it when you need it .


Analyzing soils, plant tissues and water can help diagnose problems that can't always be identified solely through visual examination. Simple on site testing can include checking moisture level and PH of the soil. If it is suspected that there is soil or water contamination on your property, or if we need more information for treatment, I will collect samples (soil, water, plant tissue) to be analyzed at the lab. I can guide you through soil abatement (removal in the case of lead), amending to add what is missing from your soil profile, or refer you to other professionals who can address any problems discovered. Testing is always accompanied by a written report of your results from the lab and my suggestions for treatment.

Detail Maintenance

I am available to work alone or alongside your regular gardener as needed to do detail pruning work, planting, and to help your gardener with a maintenance plan to maximize the health of your soil and plants. Seasonal and monthly visits are available and there are limited spots to have me scheduled for weekly service.  A great way to restore life and vitality to your soil and plants that may have been damaged by overlooking good gardening practices.  I can purchase plant materials, fertilizers, and landscape supplies as needed.  I can also manage your irrigation remotely through smart irrigation controllers.

Verdant Garden

helping you find answers


My fruit tree has been overloaded with fruit in past years.  Why doesn’t it have much fruit this year? 

Are these weeds or flowers?

I had a professional landscaper install our garden five years ago and it looked beautiful.  It was supposed to be no maintenance, but now it is overgrown and plants are dying - what do I do?

I want to put in a vegetable garden.  Where should I plant it?  What do I need to do to prepare the soil?  Do I need raised beds or can I plant right in the ground?  

A mature tree in my yard just doesn't look healthy.  Half of the leaves are covered in spots.  Is it dying or can it be treated?

I'd like to spend less on my water bill.  Can the plants I have survive with less water?  What kind of drought tolerant plants will work in my yard?  Where can I get them?  What time of year is best to plant them?

Why is my soil as hard as concrete?

Most of our garden is thriving, but every time we plant anything in this one spot of our yard it dies.  What are we doing wrong?  Is there something in the soil that’s killing it?  

Do I need a weekly gardener?   How hard would it be to take care of my own yard and what would I need to do?

I would like more privacy.  What type of shrub or tree works best as a hedge and how long will it take to grow?

What are these bugs?

How do I get rid of them or are they actually good for my plants?

We are installing a pool.  What are the best plants or trees to install around it?  

We have a toddler who puts everything in his mouth.  Are any of the plants in our yard poisonous?



Working with Stephanie was transformational for me. She helped me feel empowered to create my garden and do much of the work myself. She was so supportive and gave me just the guidance I needed so I could do a lot of the fun and creative work on my own. I never fancied myself a gardener, and with Stephanie’s encouragement and support I’ve become one!


- Hala Khouri




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